Don’t give your skaters another T-shirt that they’ll grow out of, give them something memorable that will last their whole career!

We are able to put custom logos and artwork on any F5 Pro.  This is a great option for associations and specialized camps.  We will waive the cost to add your logo for orders of 20 pieces or more.  We do charge an artwork fee if you need artwork created.

email us at support@filthyfives and provide quantity and artwork.  See below for file types and RULES for customization options.



In order to make your F5 PRO look good, we need an image that is at least 300 dpi in size.  Remember, for the most part what you send us is what you will get.  If you send us a picture of a logo on a puck, your F5 PRO will look exactly like the picture you sent us.

Filthy Fives LLC reserves the right to deny images that it deems offensive, degrading, derogatory or just plain upsetting.  Filthy Fives LLC is also not allowed to reporoduce images protected by Copyright and Trademark laws (this include professional sporting teams, movie logos, business logos, etc.).  Exceptions include written or verbal authorized permission to use the image.  Proof may be required.

By placing a custom association or camp logo on your F5 PRO, it is assumed that you, the buyer, have permission to use the logo.  Filthy Fives LLC is not responsible for unauthorized use and/or false authorizations of images/logos.

Filthy Fives LLC reserves the right to take pictures of your custom F5 PRO after production is complete and use those images for marketing purposes or any other purpose we deem fit.

Custom orders and images cannot be returned.

Acceptable image formats are: .jpeg, .png, PDF, .ai, .eps.  The better the quality of image you send, the better the results will be.


We offer a discounted price for orders of 20 pieces or more.  This discount is included whether you want to add your logo or not.  The best way to get your bulk order and logo is to simply contact us.  We will put together a quote and send it back to you.  Most orders, even with custom artwork, can be turned around in about 1 week.  Please email ( or call us at 320-287-1299.