Puck Dozer – standard

The patent pending Puck Dozer moves and collects pucks FAST – and transforms into a deker and attack triangle.  Making it the single most versatile multi-tool trainer on the market.

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The Puck Dozer is a patent pending tool to help gather hockey pucks quickly and efficiently.  It can be used on ice at practice to gather pucks to set up small area games and drills, or to collect up all the pucks after practice (or after warmups prior to a game).  Its low friction material also works on concrete – which is great at your rink, dryland areas, or at-home shooting tarps and nets.  It folds up for easy carrying in your hockey bag.  The leg and base extensions can either lift the dozer 2″ off the ice (horizontally), or tip at an angle (“attack triangle”).  The dozer can be laid flat to be used as an obstacle for sauce passes, or for toe drags and shooting.  Let your imagination run wild with how you train with it.

Collect up to 28 pucks and move them with ease.  The slots on the puck dozer accommodate the toe of any stick to drag or push pucks.  Or if you prefer there is also a cross slot so you can carry pucks in a normal stick position – left handed or right handed.

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